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Your Special Event Planning Experts

Smooth Groove Productions has been serving the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound area's live entertainment needs since 1999. Our intent is to be:

  • Fun
  • Appropriate
  • Reliable
  • First Class
  • Utterly Professional
  • Stellar in Service
  • Stellar in Performance Entertaining

There For You From Beginning to End

Much of our work takes place before the event even starts. We actively consult with our clients to ensure that they receive the right entertainment for their event. Once we find the right entertainment, we start with a minimum of one face-to-face meeting with the client, the entertainer, and us. Lines of communication in the form of phone calls and emails are always open up until the moment of the event.

People Enjoying Their Drinks

Communication is Key

Communication is critical to the success of any special event. We're the entertainment company who understands the big picture, from a wedding to a large corporate celebration. We know exactly where we fit in the big scheme of things, and how to ensure that your event is wildly successful. Our services will allow you to enjoy you event by ensuring the following:

  • Being Communicative with the Venue & Vendors
  • Taking Care of the Small Details & Logistics
  • Planning for All Possible Contingencies & Situations
  • Making Sure That Everything Runs Smoothly as Possible
  • Smoothness in execution.
  • Elegance of flow.
  • It is easy going with us.
  • We are Smooth Groove Productions